Our Story

Through the years of continuously seeking and investing on land and properties around the region, R.D. Policarpio Co. Inc. has finally opened its doors in real estate development by giving birth to Rimaven Properties, Inc. Established in 2008, Rimaven Properties, Inc. is now the flagship company that serves as the property manager and real estate developer of the R.D. Policarpio & Co. Inc.
From our Family to your Neighborhood:

The Rimaven Story of Building Dreams

The story of Rimaven began with a family, their dreams, and a deep-rooted belief in the power of community. Inspired by generations past, RIcardo, MArina, and VENancion Policarpio envisioned more than just houses – they envisioned vibrant neighborhoods where families could thrive. This vision took root in the name “Rimaven, ” a testament to their enduring family bond.

And now, our story continues with Talanai Homes, our latest project named after the majestic Balakat tree, a symbol of strength, stability, and deep roots in the community. This is just one chapter in the ever-evolving story of Rimaven. Just like Mabalacat, meaning “full of Balakat trees, ” Talanai Homes stands tall, offering a haven for families to connect, grow, and thrive.

This isn ‘t just our story.

It’ s yours too. When you choose Rimaven, you ‘ re not just buying a house; you ‘ re joining a family, a legacy, and a community that celebrates your dreams. You ‘ re choosing stability, belonging, and the opportunity to watch your family flourish amidst the warmth of shared experiences. Join us, and let’ s create a story that’ s filled with joy, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Values

Customer Centric

We are not just building homes, we are building your dreams.

Shared Success

Join a community where success is shared, just like the joys of building a home with us.

Drive for Excellence

We believe that you only deserve what is best that’s why we are committed to build every brick in your home with excellence.

Profitability & Growth

We value your hardwork and resources that’ s why our communities are master-planned to have sustainable profitability and growth for generations to come.

Integrity & Teamwork

Every home is built on with our brand that’ s why you are confident that each is a masterpiece that was carefully planned by our team to make your house a home.

Build your legacy, take the first steps to forever memories, create your family’s story in a Rimaven home.

Come home to Rimaven!

Our Mission

Design and grow communities for excellent living.

Our Vision

Rimaven will be known by the value they create in real estate, and by the values they keep as professionals.